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Fake $$ surfaces in St. M’ville

In recent weeks, St. Martinville residents have reported that someone has been making purchases arranged on-line using fake $100 bills.
St. Martinville Police Public Information Officer Adam Touchet is warning the public that
“prop” currency, which has the words “For Motion Picture Purposes” printed on its face, has been used to dupe inattentive individuals.
Touchet told the Teche News this is not a rampant problem. “We aren’t trying to rile people up about this,” he said. “There were three instances of the bills being passed off to people selling used electronic devices during January.”
One area store has also reported getting several of the counterfeit bills, but caught them and notified the police.
Touchet recommended that private transactions be conducted more carefully. “Don’t just let someone hand you rolled-up bills and take off with your electronics,” he cautions.
It is strongly recommended that such private sellers make use of the Safe Exchange Zone in the police station parking lot. If there is any doubt, the police can quickly test the bills. And check the front for the words “For Motion Picture Purposes” at the top, to the right of Benjamin Franklin’s face.

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