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Louisiana Phase One reopening begins

"After discussing the data with experts at the Louisiana Department of Health and epidemiologists and the Resilient Louisiana Commission, we will be moving to Phase One [partial reopening] on Friday, May 15, so we will be lifting the stay at home order." And with that announcement by Governor John Bel Edwards, thousands of Louisianans breathed a sigh of relief with the hope of getting back on their feet financially.

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Governor will lift stay at home order

Gov. John Bel Edwards announced Monday that he will let his stay at home order expire Friday after more than seven weeks, allowing a limited reopening of the Louisiana economy.
Edwards’ announcement means the state is judged to have made significant progress in lowering the rate of COVID-19 spread, the incidence of COVID-like illness, the number of people in hospitals with COVID-related illness and the number of deaths.
That moves Louisiana into Phase One of federal reopening guidelines.

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Investigation leads to demotion of officers

Ahead of the conclusion of an ongoing Sheriff’s Office investigation into the disappearance of $600 from the police department evidence room, administrative disciplinary action has been taken against two police officers.
Details have not been released, but following an executive session at the May 4 St. Martinville City Council meeting, the assistant chief was demoted to detective sergeant and a detective was demoted to patrol officer. The two officers had been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the inquiry.


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