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LA 31/Main Hwy resurfacing is running into problems, as the asphalt mix as well as cross section sloping has been called into question by DOTD inspectors. This is the equipment and materials staging area near the St. Martin Public Safety Complex, an area where problems have been encountered.(Mary L Terry)

Delay for overlay

Big problems are afoot for the overlay project on LA 31/Main Hwy. Newly-laid asphalt is buckling and cracking, and the issues involved go further than that.
It’s a well-known fact that road surfaces don’t last long on south Louisiana soil. Asphalt overlays like the one underway on La31/Main Hwy between Parks and Ruth often have to be done twice as frequently here as in other areas.

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Council rejects changes pushed by SM mayor

Two appointment changes proposed by Mayor Melinda Mitchell failed to garner a majority vote at the August 6 city council meeting.
Mitchell unsuccessfully sought to replace city attorney Allan Durand and to have freshman councilman Juma Johnson named mayor pro tem.
The vote in both instanes was 3-2 against, with council members Mike Fuselier, Craig Prosper and Dennis Paul Williams opposing the action, witch was favored by councilmen Johnson and Edmond Jones.

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Draining Lake

Parish President Chester Cedars (left) and Brac Salyers, manager of Dist. 9 Inland Fisheries for the state, check the progress of the drawdown of Henderson Lake at the Control Structure in the Atchafalaya Basin. The gates were opened on Aug. 1 to lower the lake level to 6 feet and Salyers said Monday the level had dropped below 7 feet and was expected to reach six feet later this week when the gates will be closed.

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Replacement for levee road?

Officials meeting here on Tuesday concluded that a completely new road is needed along the Atchafalaya Basin West Protection Levee south of Henderson.
Portions of the existing roadway (LA 352/Henderson Levee Road) has been restricted to one lane for the past two years due to several dirt slides on the portion of the levee below the asphalt road.


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