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Investigation leads to demotion of officers

Ahead of the conclusion of an ongoing Sheriff’s Office investigation into the disappearance of $600 from the police department evidence room, administrative disciplinary action has been taken against two police officers.
Details have not been released, but following an executive session at the May 4 St. Martinville City Council meeting, the assistant chief was demoted to detective sergeant and a detective was demoted to patrol officer. The two officers had been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the inquiry.

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Virtual attendence only – The May 5 St. Martin Parish Council meeting proceeded in the Carroll J. Fuselier Meeting Room, but the parish president, council members, the parish attorney and the single speaker attended only as images on the monitors. With more than ten attendees, COVID-19 restrictions made in-person appearance impossible, so the meeting was conducted through Zoom conferencing. (Karl Jeter)

Cedars: confidence is key to a successful reopening

Businesses in Acadiana are anxiously preparing for a phased return to normal operation after two difficult months of COVID-19 restrictions.
Parish President Chester Cedars commented on that process at the May 5 parish council meeting. The meeting was attended in person only by Assistant Clerk Brooke Galespie, members of the press and a sheriff’s deputy.
Cedars, all council members, attorney Allan Durand and the single speaker attended via Zoom video conference. The proceedings were displayed for the benefit of the press on the council chamber video system.

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"Contact tracing" your cellphone

With only a week left of Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards' stay-at-home order, a Louisiana House committee debated for more than five hours a bill by Rep. Blake Miguez (R-Erath) over whether to strip certain emergency powers from Edwards and reopen businesses immediately.  The bill narrowly passed in the House and Governmental Affairs committee and advances to the full house for still more debate despite the governor's vocal backing by the nation's top Republican.

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Parks Reopen – The COVID crisis is far from over, but barricades were removed from park entrances last weekend. At Parc des Ponts in Breaux Bridge, above, and St. Martinville’s Magnolia Park and local residents wasted no time in getting out in the fresh air. Distancing recommendations are still in effect, but boat ramps, walking trails and shady places to sit and listen to the sounds of the outdoors were in use and more appreciated than ever.  (Karl Jeter)

Parks reopen


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