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Village meeting turns contentious

A discussion about water clarity resulted in a more argumentative meeting than usual for the Village of Parks City Council on May 14.
Council member Harold “Kellog” Robertson said he has been receiving a high number of complaints about water quality. Robertson contended that Mayor Kevin Kately’s line flushing program is not producing the hoped-for results.
The councilman suggested that Kately should have managed to secure funding for upgrades to the system as he did to fund the new city hall, now nearing completion.

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Morganza opening – The third-ever opening of the Morganza Control Structure will began on Sunday when these huge cranes lift the first of the structure’s 125 gates. The facility was built in 1954 to allow diversion of water from then the Mississippi River and reduce the risk of flooding in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas.(Courtesy of Rose Hayes)

Morganza opening begins Sunday

With Mississippi River water levels projected to overtop the Morganza Control Structure on June 5, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that the opening of the 1954-built structure will begin on Sunday, June 2.
Flood levels in the Mississippi River have set all-time records, and on May 20, the 92-year-old record of 135 days above flood stage at Baton Rouge was broken. Higher than normal water levels are expected to persist through July.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers made the final decision last Friday to open the first gate on June 2.

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WATER, WATER — This aerial view of a portion of the Bayou Estates subdivision in Lower St. Martin illlustrates the flooding threat to homes in the area. Taken last Friday, the picture shows water already covering the street along the right side and the curved section at the top.(Courtesy of Bobby Czeck)

Parish Council hears Lower SM concerns

Lower St. Martin –When Chester Cedars became president of St. Martin Parish, he told the citizens of Lower St. Martin – Belle River, Stephensville and Four-mile Bayou – that he would be more attentive to their communities and their needs.
In keeping with that promise, the parish council met in the Belle River Community Center on May 21 for what turned out to be a regular council meeting.

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SM’s finances were poorly supervised

An update by the consulting firm hired to analyze city accounting practices has disclosed that there was good reason for concern about financial management at city hall.
Jacob Waguespack, a managing partner with the accounting firm Faulk and Winkler, and accounting analyst Amy Burleigh delivered the report at a special meeting on May 15. Numerous problems were uncovered that led to overpaid invoices, bounced checks and unanticipated costs to St. Martinville taxpayers.

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Dist. D councilman Neil Melancon says it’s time to consider a penny raise in the Breaux Bridge sales tax rate which has been one cent since 1971.(Karl Jeter)

Sales tax hike in BB future?

For the first time in 48 years, city officials are considering the possibility of an increase in the current one cent city sales tax.
In a public hearing at the May 14 city council meeting, Dist. D councilman Neil “Sam” Melancon introduced the possibility of a penny increase. He presented a list of specific needs he would like the funds to address.
The increase would be expected to produce just over $3.18 million annually. Melancon suggested the following earmarks, as portions of the whole amount:
•New infrastructure and equipment - 63%.


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