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Basin advocates – Henderson Mayor Sherbin Collette (right) and Town Councilman Jody Meche sought parish council support for an ambitious new initiative to improve water flow through the Atchafalaya Basin.(Karl Jeter)

Parish Council supports area watershed initiative

The St. Martin Parish Council has endorsed a plan that could have far-reaching benefits for the Atchafalaya Basin and surrounding waters and reduce flooding over a wide swath of south and central Louisiana.
Henderson Mayor/Basin catfish producer Sherbin Collette and councilman/Basin crawfisherman Jody Meche aired details of the plan at the Nov. 5 meeting of the St. Martin Parish Council.

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Road tax failure will require adjustments

The decision by Lower St. Martin Parish voters to discontinue a 10-year, 6.46-mill property tax for road maintenance is not expected to have immediate or far-reaching effects on roadway conditions there, says Parish President Chester Cedars.
The Sub-road Dist. One tax renewal failed to garner majority support in the Oct. 12 election, with 0nly 46 percent (197) of the 430 votes cast in favor.

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No fireworks at SM’s city council meeting

Local residents and a few out-of-town activists who crowded into the council chamber at Mayor Melinda Mitchell’s request Monday did not get the show they expected.
In a Oct. 23 radio interview Mitchell had asked for their attendance to help support an effort to dissolve the city’s charter and adopt the provisions of the state’s Lawrason Act which Mitchell feels would accord more power to the mayor’s office.

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medical care at jail – A new Telemedicine system, part of an innovative contract between St. Martin Parish and St. Martin Hospital to take over medical care for inmates at the Correctional Center in St. Martinville was demonstrated for the media on Monday, Nov. 4. Here, the Correctional Center nurse conducts a demonstration as Hospital CEO Karen Wyble explains the system and procedures to Parish President Chester Cedars (right). (Karl Jeter)

New medical care plan for SMP jail

Four months after a new medical care system for St. Martin Correctional Center began operation, Parish President Chester Cedars says all signs indicate the change was a good move.
At a demonstration of the new system’s Telemedicine feature Monday, Cedars said, “This is working out even better than we anticipated. We are saving the parish a lot of money and no question the level of care is better.”


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